Beverly Hills – What Would You Rather Have?

So, as you probably know, I’m still in California.

Last weekend I took a drive over to Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, and that’s where I snapped this picture (NOT my car! ):

Turn on images to see Beverly Hills...

Pretty sweet right?

Let me be blunt..

It’s just a car.

The car can be bought with money.

Therefore, anyone with money can buy the car.

You know what’s better than having something that anybody with money can buy?

Having something that MONEY CAN’T BUY.

It’s one of the reasons why people are obsessed and star-struck by some professional athletes…

…They have something that money can’t buy.

They are among the top 0.000001% performers in their sport…

They own it.

For example… if Bill Gates wanted to play in the NBA, he’d probably have a pretty tough time… sure he could hire the best trainers, coaches, and have all the best gear.. but he’d still have to actually put in the work to become good enough…

…It’s the same thing when it comes to ball handling.

Sure, you can buy my Training Program and get a step by step system to be the best dribbler on the court…

…But you still have to actually DO it.

And when you do actually DO it… you’ll possess a skill set that money can’t buy.

You’ll walk onto any public court and be able to run circles around the competition.. and people will be flat out amazed…

…They’ll look up to you.

…They’ll want you on their team.

…They might even ask you for your autograph.


Because you have something MONEY CAN’T BUY.

It’s invaluable.

Can’t be bought.

You know what I mean?

You place yourself in an elite group of respected and looked-up-to athletes that took the time and effort to own it.

So, my friend… what would you rather have – money, something money can’t buy, or both?

Whatever it may be… develop a sickening work ethic and a ridiculous attention to detail, and you WILL get there…

…You can Bank on that.

P.S – There’s nothing wrong with money and it’s not a bad goal to have… it just shouldn’t be your only goal.