I’ve gotta make this quick

The gym I’m sitting in right now while typing this email to you is PACKED and I’ve really gotta hit the road.

I get this question at least twice a day and it’s a good one:

“Coach – how do I stay motivated?”

There’s no right or wrong way but you need to understand what gets your blood pumping if you want to harness it for motivation.

Here’s some quick tips to stay motivated:

1.) Listen to music – it might sound overly simple but A LOT of people do it wrong. Make a playlist to pump you up and use it before workouts. Then, make a playlist to calm you down and use that before games.

2.) Change your workout location – it can be as easy as changing the basket you usually warm-up on before practice.. or doing your drill workouts on a different football/soccer field near your house.

3.) Find what makes you tick – girls? money? success? celeb status? Whatever it is, find it and use it to trigger an emotional response and kick in the butt when you need some extra motivation to push through a workout.

Try these out and let me know how it goes.

Have a great day and get your work in so you can enjoy the rest of the day 🙂